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Invitations and Jelly favors

On Sunday FH and I were on our way home from lunch with my Mom when we saw a store called The Paper Zone on MLK Jr. Blvd. The night before we had been trying to find a way to do 200 invitations with all inserts (RSVP, directions, reception card) for under $200 and we simply weren't finding anything.

So, we decide, "What the hell, we might well see if there's any possibility we can make them," and stop at the Paper Zone.

And I'm so glad we did! The woman there was awesome, and they had at least 40 templates for DIY invites! So, we picked out a template we liked and thought was up to our crafty level, then the shopkeeper (I forgot to get her name) walked through and helped us pick out cardstock and price everything out.

Bottom line, we're going to be able to 200 invites and all the inserts for around $140! I am so excited. I couldn't find an invite online that was similar to what we're doing though.

Picking invites means we also finally decided on colors: Black and White!

We were going to do pint glasses, but now we're thinking that may be a little to expensive.

However, here is Oregon, u-pick berries are pretty cheap and jam is easy to make. My sister and I could do it in a weekend. We made raspberry jam last weekend for us. Blackberries will be ready soon, and apricots. We could also do apple butter in the fall.

Something like this?

Except with black and white decoration. We're having a loose 1940's-ish kinda theme, so jam would work with that. Thoughts?
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