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Tasting Report: The Dessert Tray

So today Daniel and I had our meeting with The Dessert Tray in Beaverton, Oregon.

We met with Robin in their shop at 11am and, unfortunately, we didn't get up in time to eat breakfast first,

Now, the shop itself is rather small, but they have a ton of stuff on display. There are model cakes everywhere and lots of treats in the glass cases. The bakery in back looked very clean. I always try to scope out the back since Daniel and I visited Piece of Cake in Sellwood as their shop seemed very cluttered and UNclean, plus when I asked for reviews on damnportlanders a couple people said they'd had problems with hair in their food (but Daniel still wants to do a tasting there).

Anyway, we were greeted promptly by a baker who let Robin know we had arrived. We were given coffee and tea while we waited (Pambiche charged us for our coffee). In a couple minutes Robin came out with two whole slices of cake. That's right, not those little squares but whole slices.

The first was poppyseed cake with two layers of lemon cream cheese filling and one layer of raspberry cream cheese filling. The cake was very moist and the lemon cream cheese filling had a delicate flavor without being overly sweet. I think this may have been a my favorite.

The second was a chocolate butter cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate ganache filling. This was great, too, and I love chocolate but the cake seemed a little dry.

Next up was our choice. Basically, anything they had for sale in the cake case that day we could try. So I asked to try the Hazelnut Sponge Cake with marionberry buttercream and a thin layer of semisweet chocolate ganache. This is a very Northwest kinda cake and boy was it decadent.

Since we're also having a dessert bar at our second reception, we also asked about options for that. Robin got us samples of a few different dessert bars that they make, which were all great, though we really didn't taste all the samples she brought. We also found out they do mini-cupcakes for $.75! Which is by far the best price we've found in Portland. Trays of assorted dessert bars are $25 for 48 pieces and $50 for 96 pieces. They also do mini éclairs, cream puffs, and tarts.

The best part was she boxed up all the samples we didn't finish and sent them home with us! So Granny and future MIL got to try the cakes as well.

They had several huge binders of their work to look through as well. Robin was great and had a fabulous since of humor and no problem keeping up when we got onto a tangent of have a Zombie themed wedding with Zombie Barbie cakes.

The website says their wedding cakes start at $3.50 per serving, but we noticed that they do have cakes that go down into the $3 per serving range as well.

Oh! Also, they only make their wedding cakes 2-3 days in advance and never freeze them! Also, no shorting in the frosting and the delivery charge is only a very reasonable charge of $25, and she said that would cover delivering to both our reception sites.

FH is pretty much sold on them, and I think I might be too, but we're still going to do a few more tasting.

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